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New World

New World is the first MMO from Amazon Studio and takes place in the 17th century, the age of discovery, on the fictional, mysterious island of Aeternum. The open-world MMO is characterized by mass battles in PvP as well as PvE and mystery and horror elements.

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Automatic running

If your mouse has thumb keys, put the Auto Run button on one. Long stretches will be much more comfortable that way.


Chat settings

Choose a lower "Chat Message Fade Delay"(suggested 15) in the chat settings, so that you don't see so many messages. 

Fast tips and tricks


Corrupted breaches

Try to fight corrupted breaches only in the territories of opposing factions to help your company and faction by blocking the area against wars.


Armor weight

If you are wearing full "light" armor but wearing a "medium" chestplate, you have a light armor and can still roll (Ctrl) with your character.


Territory Standing

As you move up in territory standing rank in your hometown, you should always improve your storage and collection speed.


Sword and shield

If you don't play with sword and shield, don't equip your shield either. This way you can save some weight for the armor class.

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Last Gate

Last Gate is a New World Company aiming to make a big impact. Last Gate plays on the EU server Caer Sidi, is planning up to 100 members and is looking for active players. The company works with the Royal Syndicate Alliance with over 250 members. All communication between members goes through the internal Discord server.

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